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Treating Stormwater Runoff, Controlling Erosion Issues,
Increasing Water Quality, Creating Wildlife Habitat

Thirty Lakes Watershed District

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New DNR Aquatic Invasive Species Law
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Keeping our water clean is everyone's responsibility. 
We can all do our part to protect our water resources.

The purpose of the Thirty Lakes Watershed District is to conserve natural resources through land use planning, flood control and other conservation projects to protect public health, safety and welfare.  The Thirty Lakes Watershed District has also concentrated efforts on stormwater management in response to the growth of the District.  The Watershed District works with Crow Wing County and Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District to manage stormwater in the District.

Stormwater Management:

When rain or snowmelt falls on hard surfaces, like driveways, rooftops and parking lots, it cannot soak into the ground.  As storm water travels across these impervious surfaces, it collects chemicals, debris, and other materials that are carried directly into our lakes, streams and rivers.

Stormwater runoff can change both water quality and quantity affecting our water resources physically, chemically and biologically.  Polluted runoff containing oil, grease, chemicals, nutrients, metals, litter and pathogens for example, can severely reduce water quality.  If left unmanaged, runoff stresses our streams, ages our lakes and degrades and eliminates our wetlands.


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$2500.00 - $5000

Shoreline Restoration
Tree or Rain Gardens,
Rain Barrels,
Pervious Surfaces,
and More.

Project Examples


Up to $6000 grant available for those who do not qualify for a
Region Five Development Commission Loan


Up to $25,000 loan for those who do not qualify for a
Region Five Development Commission Loan

Thirty Lakes
Watershed District
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Monday, June 10, 2013
8:30 am
CWC Land Services Building
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Meetings held every
2nd Monday at 8:30 am
CWC Land Services Building
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Thirty Lakes Watershed District
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